Making Appointments


Important: I am out of network for all insurance carriers. You can use Reimbursify to submit your claim to insurance for reimbursement. There is a link to the app at the top of my home page.


In order to keep my fees down, I choose to use a practice software called instead of hiring a secretary.  I am usually tied up in session and unable to make/cancel appointments.  If you prefer to have me assist you in making and canceling appointments, it will usually be after hours and a charge of $10 per call will be added to your account.

How To Make Appointment (please print and use a checklist). Dr. Snow must schedule the 1st appointment for you.

1. Click the link at the bottom "Create Online Account"

2. Follow prompts to set up a Login name and Password. Record for safekeeping. Please set "Appointment Reminders" to Text Message instead of email.

3. Complete Biographical Information Form.

(Dr. Snow will place a $25 prepayment charge on the account. It will be applied to the first session. Once it has been paid with a credit/debit card, log out of the system.  Refresh the browser and enter my name (Alicia Snow) where it says search for a provider.  It will take you back to the login page and instead of logging in, choose "Display Availability for Dr. Snow".

4. Login again and send me a message with 2 times that suit you from the appointments available on my calendar.  I will send you a note confirming your first appointment time. You will be free to cancel and make all future appointments. Dr. Snow charges $10 to schedule and cancels appointments for you.

5. Go to Important Forms Section of and download the Personal History, Electronic Communication Policy, and Psychotherapist Patient Services Agreement. Complete and bring them with you to the first session. If you have a very detailed history that I will need to record, it can be helpful to write up the important facts and email it to me through the secure site using your login and password, or print it and bring it to session with you.

6.  Email forms to [email protected].








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